How to Opt Out of LinkedIn’s Social Advertising

This is a short video demonstrating how to opt OUT of LinkedIn‘s Social Advertising platform. By DEFAULT, everyone is opted IN. This means that your name and picture may appear next to company pages and advertisements that you follow or like. If you are uncomfortable with that and want to change your setting, please watch this video.

If you’re interested in hearing LinkedIn’s side of this issue, please refer to the […]

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New LinkedIn Profile Sections Not Just For Students

You may have seen the recent announcement from LinkedIn about new LinkedIn profile sections designed specifically for students. The article titled, Introducing New Profile Sections Designed for Students, explains how the new sections can enhance a student’s LinkedIn profile as well as how to add these sections to your profile (which I’m not covering in this article).
After quickly looking at the new sections, I realized that only 2 of those […]

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Effective Use of LinkedIn Groups Takes Strategy, Time, and Effort

LinkedIn Groups can be the most valuable part of your LinkedIn strategy to grow your business, but a Groups strategy can be the most difficult to understand and implement. Add into that the fact that it also takes the most time and I hear a lot of groans and moans when I suggest it.
However, a recent study from LeadFormix on traffic from LinkedIn to their B2B […]

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The LinkedIn “Follow” Function and How You Can Spy on LinkedIn (and be spied on)

The “follow” feature is one of the hardest to understand and one that most people may not recognize until too late. I was just helping someone who thought they had their activity feed turned off and their boss saw one of the activity updates. I don’t know what it was, but I’m guessing it wasn’t something that they wanted them to see.
Essentially, with the wrong setting, anyone can now follow you and […]

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Call for LinkedIn Black Belt Testers @ Extreme Discount

The LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt Certification is almost ready for release and I need some testers!  No more than 25 will be allowed!  Starts February 15th!


Work through the program at a pace of 2 degrees per week to finish in 4 weeks starting February 15th
Track your results and share that tracking with me (I will provide a tracking sheet)
Complete an end of program survey to share your results with […]

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