Black Belt for Sales – Non-Certification

Welcome to the non-certificate version of the LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt for Sales. It is highly recommended that you watch these in order and implement the concepts in each degree before moving on to the next. Of course, the freedom of the non-certificate version allows you to decide for yourself. Your membership gives you access to watch these videos as many times as you need to comprehend the information for 6 months after purchase. That gives you 1 month to master each degree.


Click on links below to access each video.


1st Degree: Building a LinkedIn Profile for Sales

2nd Degree: Building a LinkedIn Network for Referrals

3rd Degree: Finding Prospects on LinkedIn

4th Degree: Contacting and Connecting with Prospects

5th Degree: Communicating with Your Network

6th Degree: Using Groups for Prospecting and Establishing Expertise

Remember, access is for one person only. Logins are monitored to catch people freely sharing their access with others.