LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt for Sales is Live 4/1! 50% OFF 1 Day Only!

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Mar 30

The LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt for Sales training program is going live on April 1st.  For 1 day only – April Fool’s Day – there will be a 50% off discount! So….Don’t be a Fool and Miss This! It will cost TWICE as much on April 2nd!




This is not your ordinary LinkedIn training seminar or webinar!

Now, there are a ton of seminars and webinars out there teaching people to use LinkedIn to grow your business. Some are free, some are $29.95, some are $97 and some are $497. The one thing they all have in common is that all they do is hand you information and leave you to use it or not use it.

I can tell you that after more than 3½ years of teaching people how to use this phenomenal networking platform that most people don’t use the training – at least not to its full potential – and to be honest many never even completely watch it if it’s not live. That’s because the programs throw a whole bunch of material at you to figure out how to break apart and implement on your own. Then they don’t have anyone to give you feedback to let you know if what you’re doing is right or wrong. And, oh, by the way, how do you ask a download or video a question?

The LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt training program is an innovative, interactive, self-paced training program. It breaks the material into 8 degrees so that the material is manageable. Each degree has an assignment requiring you to put the pieces in place that you will need to be successful with personalized feedback to let you know if you’re on track. Weekly live Q&A web meetings give you the chance to ask questions and get hands on demonstration. If that’s not enough, you even get a personal 1:1 coaching call to get help with whatever is your biggest challenge.

You will come away knowing which strategies and tools best fit your overall marketing program. You’ll learn the power of leveraging relationships to create a self-referral system so that you enter new opportunities with warm introductions. Most importantly you will have built the habits and systems of using LinkedIn into your business development activities and will have scheduled the tasks necessary to keep you moving forward.

One last thing…in order to graduate and get your certificate, you have to provide proof of a sale from a prospect sourced on LinkedIn. You’re not a LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt until you’ve made the sale! If you can close the sale, I’ll SHOW YOU THE PROSPECTS. That will bring you the money!


For more information about the program, CLICK HERE!

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