How The LinkedIn Ninja Can Help
  • Online Training

    With LinkedIn for Sales Success you will learn exactly what you need to do with, and in, your LinkedIn account to find, and be found by buyers. AND you will learn the precise persuasive messaging to use to get to and sell buyers, instead of being ignored and rejected. In partnership with Art Sobczak of Smart Calling.

  • Custom Training

    The LinkedIn Ninja can provide you, your company, your sales team, or your conference with custom training sessions to meet your specific needs. Custom Training can be conducted in person or virtually via web conference. Never cookie-cutter; options to meet most budgets. Black Belt Certification Available.

  • LinkedIn Consulting & Strategies

    Not sure what strategies are best for your business and target market? Need to get up to speed fast? The LinkedIn Ninja can help by developing your LinkedIn Treasure Map so you get results fast. You'll get the strategies and training that are best for your business with task lists and implementation plans.

  • Lead Generation and Services

    Is time more valuable to you than money? The LinkedIn Ninja can help lighten the load by helping you implement your LinkedIn sales strategies and build your LinkedIn profile. Our service will keep you focused on the gold nuggets within your network and leverage your visibility.

LinkedIn for Sales Success

Black Belt Training for Mastering LinkedIn for Sales and Smart Call Prospecting

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